Burglaries warning after new crime wave

Golborne councillors Yvonne Klieve and Stuart Keane, right, in an area of Golborne where there has been a spate of burglaries
Golborne councillors Yvonne Klieve and Stuart Keane, right, in an area of Golborne where there has been a spate of burglaries

RESIDENTS are being urged to keep homes secure after a spate of daylight burglaries.

Warnings come after four homes on the same Golborne estate suffered break-ins between noon and late afternoon.

At least one of the properties was ransacked and in each case unlocked doors or windows left were used as the entry point.

Now ward councillors Yvonne Klieve and Stuart Keane are asking residents to be especially vigilant, particularly if windows are opened because of a welcome burst of sunshine after recent cold spells.

Their message is to keep all windows and doors locked, even if residents are in the house at the time.

Homeowners should also keep all keys out of sight and do not leave purses, mobile phones or anything of any value near to a window were they can be seen.

Golborne police beat officers are working with the community after the incidents and are now asking residents and the community to immediately report any suspicious activity they may witness.

Coun Keane said: “We have had four property break-ins on the Derby Road, Nook Lane and Ash Grove estate in as many weeks and we are concerned that the situation doesn’t escalate.

“One house has actually been done twice and this has put people on edge because word soon gets around. They haven’t been happening in the depth of night but between noon and 4pm. mid-afternoon isn’t really a time you would associate with a crime wave.

“One of the houses was totally ransacked which, as you can imaging, was particularly devastating for the residents involved.

“In another case they got in through an unlocked garage door and then through a side door.

“I was speaking to one of the police community support officers and they are keen to warn people not to allow themselves to unwittingly join the victims.

“We also had a situation where a homeowner who had gone to work but found out that his daughter was approached on the doorstep by two people who said that they were plain clothed policemen and flashed some kind of supposed identification at her.

“But when his wife came to the door the men started looking uncomfortable and then asked ‘Is this Cottesmore Way?’ before disappearing sharpish.

“So we are now wondering if that was connected or they were a pair of bogus official-type conmen trying to talk their way into people’s homes.

“I know a lot of people are working at that time of day but if those who aren’t or those who are retired could keep their eyes open it could be a great help.”