Burglars even took child’s piggy bank

Councillor Paul Collins with his daughter Jodie and grandaughter Grace
Councillor Paul Collins with his daughter Jodie and grandaughter Grace

A WIGAN councillor has blasted thieves who ransacked his home and even stole his child’s piggy bank money.

Coun Paul Collins said he is still calculating what has been taken after his house and garage in Viscount Road, Marsh Green, were burgled.

Most distressing though was that the intruders didn’t even spare 12-year-old son Zac’s savings which relatives had been chipping into since he was born.

The Labour councillor, who represents Shevington with Lower Ground, was in fact visiting Zac in Malta where he lives with his mum, when he received a phone call to say his house, in Viscount Road, Marsh Green, had been broken into some time between December 8 and 10.

He returned to find the house turned upside down and was disgusted to find the burglar had stolen Zac’s piggy bank which contained savings accumulated since he was a baby, plus his PlayStation and games.

Coun Collins said: “During the last couple of days of my visit I got a call to say I had been burgled.

“My eldest daughter, Jessica, 23, was looking after the house while I was away but as she was heavily pregnant she was ill for a few days and it was during that period that it happened. She has since has a baby boy, Caleb, who was born this month.

“It was not her fault as the blame lies with the thieves.

“A lot of damage was caused, going through every cupboard and drawer. I am still not clear what has been taken but what was particularly upsetting was the fact that the thief stole Zac’s piggy bank.

“When he was a baby we opened an account and he was given a money box in which he put small change in.

“He managed to save between £30 and £40 which is a lot for a child - he went bonkers when he found out. His PlayStation and games were also stolen.

“This incident has caused me an awful lot of mayhem and disruption. It is a very difficult situation to comprehend. The effect is profound and can be quite overwhelming as the thieves have taken items right down to tea bags, toilet rolls the children’s sweets and many other everyday items along with what you would expect from burglars.”

Coun Collins, who also has a 19-year-old daughter Jodie, has informed his constituents that he is still attending to council business and has thanked fellow ward councillors Damian Edwardson and Michael Crosby for helping out with residents’ enquiries.

Alan Wardle, 45, of Stranraer Road, Marsh Green, was charged with burglary and appeared at Wigan Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday January 21. He entered no plea and was released on conditional bail to appear at Liverpool Crown Court on May 12.