Burglary probe slammed

A man smashes into the car of Frank Brzeski
A man smashes into the car of Frank Brzeski

A Wiganer has accused police of “encouraging crime” with their lack of action over a burglary at his home.

Frank Brzeski says he has had little to no response from Greater Manchester Police in the weeks since a man smashed into his car at his home in Pemberton.

Despite a wealth of evidence, including CCTV and traces of the thief’s blood, Frank claimed officers have dragged their heels over the incident.

The 67-year-old said: “I am being let down very badly by the police. I have very clear footage, and even a name, and they’re not even bothered to look at it.”

The break-in occurred shortly after 5am when Frank discovered his car window smashed and his wallet stolen. By chance, Frank has installed CCTV cameras at his home a week earlier.

The police did send a forensic examiner to the property to take a sample of the blood from the broken glass, and reportedly told Frank that he would put in his notes that the CCTV footage was of excellent quality. But Frank said he has been left to investigate the crime on his own since.

“I’m chasing and chasing. It’s indicative of GMP, that always try to find an excuse to not do anything. They’re more interested in shuffling papers than catching thieves.

“I’ve taken GMP to the Police Complaints Commission over the years, so it’s not just the current cuts. It’s a common sign.”

In a damning letter to the Chief Constable regarding his frustration, Frank wrote: “The evidence to solve crimes blighting our community exists but is being ignored/not acted upon. We deserve better from your force, please ensure that this culprit is brought to task.”

He added: “By not acting your force is not only condoning crime but encouraging it.”

Insp Darryl Coding of GMP Wigan said: “We take all reports of crime, including theft from vehicles, incredibly seriously.

“After receiving a report, we assess the immediate threat, harm and risk to the public and allocate officers and resources accordingly.

“We have contacted the victim and informed him of the current status of our investigation.

“We have invited him to discuss any concerns he may have.”