Burnham offers radical vision for the future in leadership manifesto

Andy Burnham MP (left) and Yvette Cooper MP
Andy Burnham MP (left) and Yvette Cooper MP

LEIGH MP and Labour leadership frontrunner Andy Burnham has launched his manifesto, promising to “lift the millstone of debt” from young people.

Mr Burnham has proposed scrapping tuition fees and introducing a graduate tax in his “radical vision” for the party.

He has already announced he will re-nationalise railways.

Speaking in a video message to accompany the manifesto launch, Mr Burnham said: “It’s a proud moment because I’ve been working on this for a long time, this is me and this is what I believe in. This offers Labour a radical vision for the 21st century and that is what the party is crying out for, we can’t carry on as we are.

“People are fed up with politics because life’s been getting harder, it’s hard to get on the housing ladder, it’s harder for young people to get on in the world and people are struggling to make ends meet. And yet Westminster hasn’t been providing the answers.

“Labour has to change that, give people a vision that they can believe in and that’s what this is. It will offer real help for young people, lifting the millstone of debt from young people. And also the biggest house-building programme since the post-war government. Plus more help for people in the workplace and a national living wage for all ages.”

Mr Burnham has met some criticism on his rail plans but has maintained the scheme would pay for itself.

The shadow health secretary said that taking lines back into public ownership as the operating franchises expired would enable a future Labour government to keep down fares for passengers.

Meanwhile, leadership rival Jeremy Corbyn has underlined his commitment to scrap Britain’s nuclear deterrent, with a promise to redeploy the workforce engaged on Trident renewal. He said: “Not renewing gives our country an opportunity to invest in industry, innovation and infrastructure that will rebalance our economy and transform it into a world leading one.”