Burnham’s thanks for Hillsborough apology

Andy Burnham
Andy Burnham
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LEIGH MP Andy Burnham has thanked the Prime Minister after his apology over the Hillsborough tragedy.

Burnham, who set up the independent panel looking into the tragedy, said in parliament: “I thank the Prime Minister for every single word of his statement today. Their value in Liverpool simply cannot be calculated.

“It comes far too late for many, of course, but finally the full horror of Hillsborough has been revealed.

“A catalogue of negligence, appalling failure and sheer mendacity. A tragedy that should have been prevented, lives that should have been saved.

“Devastating truths made far worse not better for the passing of time; the crude 3.15pm cut-off, with no legal, medical or moral justification; parents only hearing today what happened to their children - because people whose job it was to protect them then turned against the victims and the bereaved to protect themselves.

“A monumental cover-up and a sickening campaign of vilification against victims, grieving families, traumatised survivors and the city in shock.

“Do you agree with me that today the names of the 96 and of the Liverpool supporters who were at Hillsborough have been emphatically cleared? And in thanking you and the Home Secretary for supporting the disclosure process I initiated, can I ask you to continue to work with us to right these wrongs and at long last to bring justice for the 96?”

PM David Cameron replied: “I absolutely will continue to work with you on this issue, I think it is right the names of the 96 have been cleared.

“Above all I would like to pay tribute to the work you have put in with huge passion and dedication on this issue. I think it was a brave and right decision to set up the panel, not easy when there have been previous inquiries, previous judicial reviews and the rest of it, but it was undoubtedly the right decision.

“Also, I think what you have done to help people understand what I call the nature of this double injustice - an injustice about the facts, about the dreadful things that happened that were not properly accounted for, but also the injustice of narrative, the injustice of an inaccurate version put around, which as you put it quite rightly has made the passage of time make things worse not better.”