A lifeline for young Wiganers

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AT A time when increasing numbers of highly-qualified young people are flooding into a jobs market characterised by a continuing scarcity of opportunities, practical schemes such as apprenticeships can offer a vital route into employment.

The news that Wigan Council has decided to step up to the plate and offer 13 new apprenticeships is, therefore, very welcome.

The experiences of some of the young people who have been taken on show how tough the job market is, with many struggling for months on end to find suitable work or moving from one unstable, temporary post to another.

The new scheme also shows the importance of both the public and private sectors in alleviating the problems of joblessness.

With full economic recovery still some way off and the level of youth unemployment coming down slowly, it is clear that every business which has the capacity to do so should play its part in ensuring Wigan’s young people, many of whom clearly want to work, have a future.