Aiming to tidy up in India

Wigan entrepreneur Wayne Greenhalgh
Wigan entrepreneur Wayne Greenhalgh

TWO Wigan entrepreneurs are taking the international technology sector by storm – with a simple piece of plastic.

Cavan Shepherd, 38, and brother-in-law Wayne Greenhalgh, 42, both from Orrell have joined forces with Ciaran Dunne, 40, to market their new invention, The Mi Cable Tidy globally.

The trio have already had mastered the British market with the creation and are now striving for success in India.

Cavan said: “As Mi Cable Tidy is a universal product we have made arrangements to meet with key providers in India next month and the USA over the next two months.

“It was launched in April at the trade show of the Gadget Show Live as the best selling product and the response we have had since the launch has been phenomenal. It couldn’t be a more perfect place to launch our product.

“We have sold tens of thousands in a matter of four weeks and orders are continuing to be placed. The reaction to the product has been mental.”

The Mi Cable Tidy was thought up by former Wigan and Leigh College student Wayne.

And manufactured in Haydock, it is a small, plastic, desk-tidy which can securely hold re-chargable cables for accessories such as mobile phones of all network providers, iPods and iPads.

Wayne said: “I thought up the idea when I saw just how dangerous loose cables can be with my own children.

“My youngsters would squabble about which charger was theirs and my youngest, seven-year-old Max would trip over the wires which were trailing on the floor. As the cables were also on the floor, the children would accidentally stand on the expensive phones or technology and break them.

“I went to look for something which would hide the wires but I found there was nothing available at the time.

“Now, the new invention could be used by anybody from a child up to the managing director of a company. I’m really pleased with the product. And if we could crack India it would be amazing.”

There are now plans in the pipeline for the three business partners to link with football clubs. The gadget will also appear with the different shirt colours of favourite sporting teams. It is now available to buy on Amazon and some major UK mobile phone shops.