Bakery’s bid to expand into local takeaways

Sonia Aldred, Neil Court-Johnston and Tania Moulden
Sonia Aldred, Neil Court-Johnston and Tania Moulden
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WIGAN’s oldest pie-maker is bidding for the first time to gets its products in local fish and chip shops.

And in its first move, Poole’s has teamed up with Pepper Lane Chippy in Standish.

Most fish and chip shops in the area which also have pies on the menu tend to have them supplied by companies outside the borough.

But Pemberton-based Poole’s argues that takeaways should be selling pies made locally.

The new partnership will see the factory supplying Pepper Lane Chippy with its meat, potato and meat, cheese and onion and chunky meat pies, along with a selection of steak puddings.

Pepper Lane Chippy is a family-run fish and chip shop owned by cousins Tania Moulden and Sonia Aldred, whose mothers ran their own chippies for many years. Following the family tradition, the pair decided to set up a business together and took over the running of Pepper Lane 11 years ago, making it a big success.

Neil Court-Johnston, Managing Director of Poole’s Pies, said: “Pepper Lane Chippy is a fantastic local fish and chip shop with owners who have an uncompromising passion about the quality of their products and service, which we at Poole’s wholeheartedly share.

“They’ve pieced together an incredibly loyal customer-base, which we are hoping to help them grow even further, and I’m thrilled.

“As Wigan is the birthplace of pies, we feel it’s only right that every chippy in the area is selling pies which are made right here in Wigan, from fresh, local ingredients. It’s our aim to achieve exactly that, and we see this new agreement as a very positive step in that direction.”

Having sampled Poole’s extensive range of savoury pies, Tania and Sonia were thrilled by the quality of the products and couldn’t be happier about the new partnership, as Tania explains:

“A long-established local company, Poole’s is of course very familiar to us, and when we had the chance to taste the pies that they have on offer, we were delighted with the flavour of the fillings and the high quality of the pastry. Pepper Lane and Poole’s have a great deal in common, in that we are both hugely passionate about the quality of the food that we serve, and we’re always looking to deliver good products, served as fresh as possible and at their very best.

“We’re thrilled to be working with such a fantastic local company, and feel confident that the products will receive a very warm reception from our customers.”