Boss voices crash fears

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A LEADING Wigan businesswoman fears 2013 could see the construction industry crash – unless the promise of investment in infrastructure is delivered.

Julie White, the managing director of D-Drill, based in Ince, which is a specialist in diamond drilling, concrete sawing and demolition – said that action rather than words is now required.

She has also called for fellow construction companies to work together in a bid to get the sector growing again.

She said: “Everyone in our industry applauded the government’s Autumn statement which expressed commitment to infrastructure spending but we need to see it happen as early as possible.

“Of course, that investment will filter out to companies in the supply chain but I don’t want to get to this time next year and be saying the same things over and over again. I want action not words.

“We need to get Britain building if the construction industry is going to be lifted out of the recession it has been suffering for many years now. D-Drill is very busy and we have diversified into other areas of operation to ensure we maintain the growth we want to achieve as a company.

“But the construction industry has to work together throughout the supply chain and help one another.

“It’s no good our suppliers hiking prices because our clients want jobs done for less, not more. If everyone continues to squeeze in that way, we are only going to cause irreparable damage to our industry

“We all have to make a margin and we all understand that we have to work harder and harder to achieve that but, equally, we all have to be realistic with one another.

“I believe 2013 could see an improvement but it’s vital that money earmarked for infrastructure is pumped into projects that are ready to go and provides a boost for our industry and, on top of that, our industry has to work together.”