Business speak gets the elbow in new film

Brian Cannon
Brian Cannon

A SPOOF video created by one of Britain’s most iconic designers is set to put Wigan borough on the business world map.

The film, hailed as the “best business investment film ever made” has been created to launch Wigan Works a new campaign to increase investment and jobs in the borough.

The film takes a big swipe at the nonsense spoken by the corporate world and celebrates straight talking Wigan folk.

Directed by Wiganer Brian Cannon, who created some of the best known music artwork in the 1990s for the Verve and Oasis, the film will be shown at major national business events. Brian said humour makes the film stand out from other corporate films.

He said: “Corporate films are traditionally about as interesting as watching paint dry with a headache.

“But this one is different. We have put a twist on it; it’s got a sense of humour.

Some people may find it funny, some may not, but we will catch people’s attention and anyone who watches it will know that Wigan is thinking differently

Brian Cannon

“Some people may find it funny, some may not, but we will catch people’s attention and anyone who watches it will know that Wigan is thinking differently.”

A target of the film is the corporate non-speak that is so often favoured including phrases such as “bounce-back-ability”, “pushing the envelope” and “thinking outside of the box”.

Brian said: “I worked for 14 years in London and I have had it up to the ‘tash with people talking that nonsense. It sounds pretentious and is just people hiding behind long words.

“Northern people are known for being straight talking.

“It’s a northern trait to get straight to the point and then crack on with it. It’s a good message to get across.

“I hope people enjoy the film. At the end of the day anything that can show Wigan is thinking outside of the box and pushing the envelope is a good thing.”

In the film a straight talking Wiganer cuts through the drivel and describes in no-nonsense terms what the borough has to offer to business.

Key selling points for Wigan Borough in the film include its excellent transport links, brownfield sites ready for development, Manchester devolution and HS2 on its way.

Coun David Molyneux, Wigan Council’s cabinet member for regeneration, said: “Wigan Works is the best business investment film ever made.

“This film shows how welcoming and supportive we are of businesses here in Wigan. It is a spoof and a bit of fun but it also explains the more serious points of why Wigan does work.

“The borough has got so much to offer companies wanting to invest here.

“We want it to spread the word far and wide. We are straight talking, no-nonsense and we get the job done.”

Brian is now based in the Old Courthouse in central Wigan and is enthusiastic about the new artistic creativity that is happening in the borough.

He said: “I think that Wigan is a wonderful place with so many creative people and with great things happening. To be asked to be involved in promoting my hometown I thought was an interesting opportunity.”

Brian founded his business, Microdot, in 1990 and has worked with some of the biggest names in music including Johnny Marr, the Sex Pistols and the Verve. He has also worked on creative promotions on major brands including Levi’s, Converse and Absolut Vodka.

His big break came in a chance meeting with Noel Gallagher in a lift in Manchester in 1991 when the pair got chatting over Adidas trainers.

Brian then designed every album and single cover for Gallagher’s band Oasis throughout the 1990s.

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