Call handling standards low

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Business news

NORTH West folk are among Britain’s unhappiest when it comes to businesses’ phone manner.

A study conducted on behalf of PH Media Group found just 18 per cent of North West people are satisfied with the way companies handle customer calls. “Poor call handling is a constant bugbear for the British consumer but, despite this, it appears businesses are still not doing enough to raise standards,” said Mark Williamson, PH’s sales and marketing director.

“There is perhaps a tendency among companies to focus their attention and budgets on visual marketing and internet presence but the telephone remains a crucial aspect of branding, marketing and customer service.

“If only 18 per cent of customers are pleased with the way their calls are being handled, this means there is an even larger number who have generated a negative perception through bad caller experience.”

The average satisfaction level throughout Britain is just 23 per cent.

Older consumers were found to be particularly dissatisfied, with only 12 per cent of 55 to 64-year-olds pleased with how their calls are handled.

Mr Williamson added: “Responding to calls quicker or establishing a set practice for answering the phone both represent a good start.”