Cool deals for heating and vent firm

Coasaf's Coach House project
Coasaf's Coach House project

LEIGH heating, ventilation and air conditioning experts have been chosen to install a low energy heating system for a state-of-the-art building project.

Chosen specifically to work closely with the architect and developer, Cosaf designed, supplied and installed the premium air source heat pump system to provide under floor heating throughout the econ-friendly Coach House property in Worsley, Manchester.

Having previously never used a green led heating solution, the developer was looking for a company demonstrating an exceptional level of excellence in the application, project management and commissioning of specialist heating systems.

Cosaf was chosen ahead of the competition after demonstrating the renewable, energy efficient qualities of their company’s service offering.

Designed to move heat from one place to another, commercial heat pump systems extract heat from a limitless supply of clean, pollution-free air and transfer it to the desired area.

For the Coach House property this equated to an even heat distribution offered by the under-floor heating system.

Cosaf Director Mike Sullivan said: “This system is as efficient as it is clever. It does not burn fuel to create heat; therefore it relies on a minimal supply of power to operate effectively.

“The low energy consumption rates not only keep you carbon neutral but they also equate to low running costs; an ideal form of climate control for companies looking to stay green.”

The company is also celebrating a contract with global logistics firm DHL to store and maintain crucial pharmaceutical products across its distribution network.

Central to the safeguarding process is maintaining the DHL warehouses at temperatures below 25C in line with Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency guidelines – which is where the Manchester Road-based firm have come in handy.

Its Breezair unit has been proved to be 80 per cent more resourceful than standard air conditioning units operating on 100 per cent fresh air.

Mr Sullivan said: “The high sensitivity rating of this job meant it had to be handled accurately and efficiently, therefore Breezair was the perfect affiliate. Not only is the system competitive on price but combined with the significant environmental factors of minimal noise and low energy consumption, it’s the ideal commercial solution for businesses.”