Entrepreneur Rebecca’s diamond idea after sack

Rebecca Slater
Rebecca Slater

A WIGAN businesswoman has become the latest to be fired from BBC One’s The Apprentice.

Rebecca Slater, of Standish, was the sixth person to be eliminated from the show in which 16 candidates compete to become Lord Alan Sugar’s business partner.

The 36-year-old from Standish was in the losing team as the budding hopefuls were tasked with organising an away-day for a corporate client.

Viewers last night saw team Evolve, led by Francesca MacDuff-Varley, create a Back to School theme, which included a motivational speaker, cupcake making, wine-tasting and team-building fun.

The team lost by almost £500 and Francesca brought Rebecca and Luisa Zissman back into the boardroom to battle it out in front of Lord Sugar.

It seemed Rebecca was lost for words as Lord Sugar said: “Rebecca, there’s nothing wrong with being quiet, this is not about who can shout the loudest. However, I have to say that I haven’t seen much from you in the past six weeks other than I do acknowledge that on certain tasks you have been very good at selling. Rebecca, You’re Fired.”

Rebecca, who is a sales rep for surgical company Opthalmic, said: “We lost on the business content, as we had to give a reduction in the price.

“Luisa and Jordan Poulton blamed me for wanting to get the motivational speaker and wine in. But without the motivational speaker we would have been really stuck as that was our business content.

“It was difficult to know how well we were doing during the task, as we didn’t know how well the other team was doing.

“I was working incredibly hard in the kitchen catering for between 20 and 30 people but everything seemed to be under control. I found being in the boardroom very difficult.

“I thought I would be able to handle myself, but I clammed up and was very shy.

“I don’t like talking over people, which was not very effective in the boardroom.

“It was a fantastic challenge. There were some big egos in there which were difficult, but I had a positive experience and it was very exciting.

“I have learnt a lot - to be more confident in certain situations and to fight for what I believe in.

“I got on well with Francesca and Jaz Ampaw-Farr, who left really early, as I shared a room with them.

“I found the other girls cliqued and had a game plan to get rid of the older ones.

“I was gutted to leave, as I wanted to be Lord Sugar’s business partner.”

Despite being fired in the boardroom, Rebecca is successfully working on her own business venture.

She is in the process of setting up a website - All Mein - to sell moissanite jewellery.

She said: “I am totally passionate about jewellery but I feel diamonds are overpriced and there are ethical issues about mining it.

“My boyfriend, Tim Leibe, has a sister who is really into moissanite. It is beautiful and very similar to diamonds, but more light reflective and is 40 per cent cheaper.

“I think once people know about it, they will go nuts about it and want to purchase items.

“I hope to get the website set up within the next month and I am hoping that my link with The Apprentice will boost traffic and interest in the business.

“I still have my full time job as a surgical sales rep, travelling across the country, from as far as Birmingham to Carlisle and will be working on my business at the same time,”