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A WIGAN family business has landed a multi-million contract to refurbish an iconic London train station.

Successful joinery and construction firm, Hughes Brothers joinery are working alongside Morgan Sindall to fix a dilapidated area of the large Paddington train station.

After getting through a stringent process and picked to carry out the work, the firm which has six Wigan workers completing the project, will be working 12 hour shifts for seven weeks to refurbish aesthetic joinery back to its original state while sticking to the guidelines laid down by English Heritage.

Built by Isambard Kingdom Brunel in 1854, the station has 14 platforms and was the world’s first underground railway.

John Hughes, director, said: “For this type of job you have to abide by a lot of health and safety regulations.

“We had to go through a very stringent process to be picked to do the work.

“We were successfully chosen as Hughes Brothers are experienced in working on problematic jobs. It certainly puts that flag up for us in other parts of the country as a good company.”

Work began on Monday but should have started more than a year ago at the massive station.

John added: “This job has just grown and grown, it is classed as essential repairs.

“The area we are working on hasn’t been touched in 30 years and 25 years ago it started falling apart.

“Since then, scaffolding has been in place to make sure debris doesn’t fall on passengers and it has taken all this time to actually get the work carried out.

“The timber at the station is 130 years old and we have to refit the timber to as much as it was like when it was first built as we can, to keep to the English Heritage guidelines.

“As timber isn’t now cured for as long as what it used to be, we have had to work out a number of issues and liaise with many different designers to get it right.”

Network Rail’s award-winning work comprised a £65 million facelift to the original Brunel structure, and will provide an entirely new customer information system and the refurbishment of The Lawn (concourse) area.

A further £34 million will be spent on the replacement of the glass roof.

The temporary support structure will be removed and replaced with a glass and steel frame which, when completed, will provide a brighter and more attractive station for passengers.