Firms cannot pay rate fees

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MANY Wigan business are amongst those in the North West which are failing to make their first business rates payment on time or at all.

This is clear evidence that businesses are struggling with their increasingly inflated business rates following ignorance of the issue in Government, says business rates specialist CVS.

They also say that the Government has ignored pleas and advice from businesses and official bodies such as the British Property Federation and pushed on to further increase, what is already one of their largest tax incomes.

Don Baker, Chairman of Rating at CVS, said: “Businesses will have to continue managing increasing overheads including rates which are based on inflated 2008 rent levels in comparison to current rental levels in some areas and sectors. It is an issue that must be addressed with a reform of the rates appeals system.

“The fact that businesses are struggling is no secret.

“If we are serious about growing the economy and encouraging businesses to expand then this constant pressure from rising outgoings on businesses must be addressed. “