Funding cut is blow to businesses

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THE lack of new road building is a blow to businesses in the town.

Miranda Barker, Wigan President, GM Chamber of Commerce, said: “It is of course a great disappointment to be told yet again by a government that funding for the Wigan Inner Relief Road is again in doubt, put on hold as road projects across the country have been, as part of the national cost saving efforts.

“We all know the phrase, Wigan is a 21st century borough living with a Victorian road system. But few outside can know the really substantial effect that has on us, gridlocking the centre of the borough and hampering our efforts to stimulate further economic growth down the spine of our community.

“But Wigan is nothing if not enterprising – our economic results of the last few months have shown us that, and thanks to Wigan Council having successfully drawn in funding from many sources, the long-awaited Saddle Junction Improvement Scheme will be going ahead as scheduled.

“The area will be remodelled over the coming months and years, finally easing some of the congestion on Poolstock Road and improving access in and out of town and to the Robin Park area, as well as creating substantial numbers of new jobs as part of the increase in retail and commercial activity on the completed site. With a commitment to support local businesses, as much of the construction phase as possible will be delivered through local contractors.”