Giving old books a new ‘leaf’ of life

Leanne Watson, with son Logan, seven
Leanne Watson, with son Logan, seven
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A LEIGH mum is bringing a new twist to cherishing a good book after launching a business dedicated to unusual art made from old volumes.

Leanne Watson, from Westleigh, founded Logan’s Boutique selling unusual hand-crafted gifts of old books with messages and images created from the pages as well as decorated glasses and baubles around six months ago.

Keen arts and crafts enthusiast Leanne named the business after her five-year-old son Logan and hopes to use her talents to boost charities supporting people with autism as Logan suffers from the condition.

Logan’s Boutique is already proving a hit online and through displays in two Leigh shops, with Leanne saying people are requesting the folded book art for everything from amusing to poignant and emotional occasions.

Leanne, 27, said: “I’ve always been interested in crafts and I started out making things for myself. It was interest from other people which convinced me I could start selling them.

“People would ask me if I could make things for them and it just started to grow online and by word-of-mouth recommendations.

“The books are quite popular for funerals because it means people can have something on the day and then take away with them. They take their loved one’s favourite book which is gathering dust on the shelf and make something nice out of it, which is lovely for me and quite emotional.

“The oddest thing I’ve done is someone wanted to send a book with expletives in the message. She was splitting up with her partner and wanted the perfect gift to say it all.”

Leanne is currently juggling running Logan’s Boutique with her part-time work as an agency nurse at Wigan Infirmary but hopes to eventually open her own store as well as using her skills to help more charities raise funds.

She also says producing the crafts is a good way of spending more time with Logan, who takes an active part in the designing and creating processes.

She said: “I’ve done work for a charity which researches a couple of rare diseases and I’ve also donated books to Wigan and Leigh Hospice and Asda’s Tickled Pink campaign, but I’d really like to help an autism charity because that’s very close to my heart.

“I would like to open my own shop eventually because people online have been asking if I’ve got one. It would have to be in the borough too because I’m a local girl.

“Logan gets involved and helps a lot. Craft is good for him because it’s something we can do together, so even if it’s just decorating he can have his own little input.”

For more information, visit or follow Leanne on Twitter @Logansboutique