Grant kick-starts butty business

Trevor Teasdale who has opened up Snacks & Treats on Park Road, Springfield
Trevor Teasdale who has opened up Snacks & Treats on Park Road, Springfield
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A RECORD 200-plus new businesses were set up in Wigan this spring, latest figures show.

And one of these economic adventurers with more reasons to smile than most is Trevor Teasdale.

The 59-year-old has just opened Snacks and Treats on Park Road, Wigan, and is buzzing with excitement about this new departure.

He said: “This place is perfect and I’m very excited.

“The first few days have been a blur and now I can settle down and get down to work.”

Having struggled to find employment since the economic downturn in recent years, Trevor made the brave decision to be self-employed and start his own business.

“He applied for a New Enterprise Allowance (NWA) from the Government and is now raring to go.

He said: “Once I had decided to do it, finding a property was a big problem in an area with not much competition and a premises that was suitable.

“But now the loan has come through and helped me I’m sorted.

“When I was unemployed I went on all the courses that were recommended and just couldn’t find anything. But this works with my skills, I can cook anything so I should be OK.”

Now Trevor, who lives in Ashton, is looking at tailoring his shop to his customers’ needs. He said: “I’m trying to work out what the customers will want and at what times and then I can sort the business around that.

“I will be looking to take on staff and if we need to open longer hours or do Sundays then I’ve got no problem doing that.

“I’m even considering providing takeaway roasts on a Sunday if there’s enough demand for it.”

The NWAs were established to help those claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance for at least six months to start their own businesses.

Trevor said: “I would recommend that anyone in a similar position to me should consider applying for it.”