Hard work got Vincent a job

Vincent Mulligan, from Shevington, who has been helped back into work by the Job Centre
Vincent Mulligan, from Shevington, who has been helped back into work by the Job Centre

A WIGAN man has praised the work of the JobCentre Plus for helping him get back into work.

Vincent Mulligan spent 22 years as a machine operative for Trinity Mirror before being made redundant last year.

Now he is back in work - albeit on a temporary basis - thanks to the JobCentre Plus team and he says that he would never have found work without them.

The 49-year-old is now working in Martland Mill in a warehouse and puts it all down to the help he received.

Vincent, of Christleton, Shevington, said: “After 22 years in work I found it really difficult to be made redundant quite suddenly and I just didn’t know where to start.

“However, when I attended the Job Centre they were absolutely superb and really helped me look for work. I was unemployed for five months but thanks to them I got an interview and I am now back in work.

“Even though it is part-time and through an agency it is still work I don’t think I would have found on my own and I cannot thank them enough.”

Although unemployment figures show that there was a fall in unemployment levels in the borough for the second month running in April, there are still 9,648 people claiming jobseeker’s allowance in the borough.

And with news that Rathbones bakery in Newtown could be facing closure, with the loss of a further 160 jobs, finding work in the borough is going to become even tougher.

Vincent says that he is still looking for a full-time job and believes that the work of the Job Centre is vital in helping people find work in such a tough economic period.

He said: “I would like a full-time permanent job, but it is a tough market at the minute and I just hope something will come up, but the Job Centre gave me the confidence to look and I don’t think I’d have any work at all if wasn’t for their guidance.

“So I would urge anybody who thinks they don’t help to listen to them and take their advice.”