Matty hopes barber shop will be a cut above

Matty Brown
Matty Brown

A Wigan man is hoping to be a cut above the rest after opening his first barbershop.

Matty Brown recently set up in Wigan Market Hall with his charming little venture Father Browns, and said response has been overwhelming so far.

“It’s been amazing!” he said.

“It’s doing well so far. I have a nice mix of older people and younger coming in too.”

He added: “I have worked at loads of barbers. I started as an apprentice in Warrington and then dotted about since, but I felt this was the right time to go solo.”

The 26-year-old from Ashton has combined aspects of classical and modern barbershop styles, featuring rustic wood-effect flooring and walls, as well as a games console in the corner to keep the younger customers occupied!

Matty said: “I wanted it to be different. I gave it a bit of class, and it looks quite classy and cosy.”

He designed the one-seat shop himself and revealed the process he went through to obtain the unique look.

“I had a low budget, so I tried to do things as cheaply and as vintage as possible.

“Everything has come from second hand stores, charity shops and car boot sales. I just rescued a lot of things - there’s even laminate on the walls!”

Speaking about the name of the shop, Matty said: “I just wanted something people would remember. I thought it would be nice because of course it’s my surname, and I have a son, so I am Father Brown.”

And whilst Matty is starting out small, he harbours plans to expand once he gets the hang of running his own business.

He said: “I want to move elsewhere eventually, but I don’t know where just yet. Maybe I could branch out to the high street and get some more shops open.

“But I want to keep it to the theme of being nice and neat, whilst also keeping the prices nice and low.”

Wigan has been no stranger to small scale hairdressers in the past. Earlier this year two Wigan barbers put down their scissors after 53 years in business at their small shop.

Barry Jackson and Ian Sharrock had provided haircuts to the men of Wigan since the sixties at Snips, which was also located in the Galleries.

They worked out of a tiny corner kiosk with customers having to sit outside in the main hall. It was often joked that they had “the world’s smallest barber’s shop with the world’s largest waiting room.”

Father Browns is open daily.