No cash for customers for a day and a half

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BANKING in Wigan was brought to a halt as a power cut affected many retailers.

A transient fault with electricity cables in the town centre caused the power to cut off at Nationwide Building Society and nearby stores, bakeries and banks on Market Place in the town centre.

The Nationwide was forced to close its doors at around 2pm on Wednesday afternoon when the power cut hit and did not reopen until Friday morning as all systems were down.

No cash was available to customers throughout the shutdown.

However, surrounding shops were able to carry on trading around an hour after Electricity North West attended to the problem.

A spokesman for Electricity North West said: “We got a call at around 2pm on Wednesday afternoon from a number of our customers to say that the power was cut to many shops and banks on Market Place in Wigan town centre.

“Our engineers repaired the fault and were able to get the power back on to most retailers within an hour of it going off.

“The fault became a more permanent fault however and it appear to have affected the Nationwide Building Society more than other areas.

“The Nationwide had to remain closed from 4pm on Wednesday and all day Thursday as engineers worked to repair the fault.

“Everything is now fixed and back to normal and Electricity North West apologise for any inconvenience caused.”

Nationwide staff were seen outside the branch, offering information and advice to customers unaware of the impromptu closure.

They had to redirect people to other branches and explain what had happened.

A spokesman for the Nationwide Building Society said: “The power cut on Market Place affected the Wigan branch of Nationwide from around 2pm on Wednesday.

“It remained for all of Thursday but reopened as normal on Friday.

“All systems are now back to normal and we apologise for any inconvenience that has been caused to our customers.”