Now’s that’s blue sky thinking!

A WIGAN man has sky-high ambitions for his new business.

David Spencer, from Hawkley Hall, set up Sky Cam after purchasing a drone that captures stunning views from up above.

Dave flying his drone

Dave flying his drone

After spotting this as a business opportunity rather than just a laugh, he landed several contracts with major construction firms.

“After I bought the drone, I jumped in feet first and I thought I could make some money out of it,” he said.

“When I looked into it I realised you needed a licence but seeing the opportunities I went all out and decided to get into it.

“It’s fascinating and there’s interest from all over the place: from construction sites and so on. I have managed to get some stunning shots, it’s remarkable really.”

Sky Cam offers a different take on aerial video and aerial photography whether it be a single shoot for an estate agent when selling the larger property or revisits to a construction project documenting from the first part of the civil stage right through to the finished project. Their NEBOSH Health and Safety training makes the firm one of the safest aerial photography companies around allowing them to professionally risk assess each shoot.

Mr Spencer added: “The business has grown beyond my wildest dreams.

“I can’t believe how popular ir is. I had some great shots over Liverpool and did the Royal Liverpool hHspital which was one of my favourites.”

In recent years, technology has advanced to the point were aerial video is now so much more accessible and yet affordable.

Images can be shot as RAW files meaning greater enhancements are possible to help make that perfect picture.

Mr Spencer, who runs Sky Cam alone, recently also captured aerial images of the recent fire at the Wharfside apartments near Wigan Pier.

He said: “They asked for me to bring it down but I pointed out I was well within my rights.

“I met the fireman in charge who was quite happy and I ended up getting some really dramatic shots.”

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