Power outage in Platt Bridge leaves hundreds in the dark

McDonald's in Platt Bridge. Pic: Google Maps
McDonald's in Platt Bridge. Pic: Google Maps

People stuck in the middle of a power cut in Wigan tonight described it as 'looking like McDonald's was having a disco'.

The 'low voltage' event in Platt Bridge, meant street lights were dimmed and people were left in the dark from around 5.30pm this evening.

Some people had lights but they reported them not being as bright as usual.

But Wiganers found humour in the problem.

Clair Thornton tweeted: "It's eerily dim! And looks like McDonald's are having a disco!"

While Stuey wrote: "The chippy is shut! Hurry up, I'm hungry, lol."

Electricity North West apologised for the outage and said: "Due to being affected by low volts, you will be able to use some of your power but it will be very dim."

Just after 7pm the company said its engineers had arrived at the scene and were hoping to have the supply up and running shortly.