Stuart is investment king

Stuart Prescott who set up his own furniture business, Euro Domestics, on Miry Lane Industrial Estate, with just �10
Stuart Prescott who set up his own furniture business, Euro Domestics, on Miry Lane Industrial Estate, with just �10
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STUART Prescott has done the impossible during a recession ... grown a new business empire from £10.

And what is even more astounding is that it has taken him just seven months to do it.

After being made redundant from his gardening job, the 30-year-old from Hindley Green was desperately looking for a new job in the same field when he ended up being pushed in a slightly different direction.

He said: “A friend of mine told me about how by going to an auction, you can sell things on and make profit, then buy something else with that profit and sell it on again.

“So I went along to an auction in Manchester with just £10 and purchased a mirror which I sold on for £40 to a family friend and it just went from there really.

“Next, I used the profit from the mirror sale and bought a metal bed frame. I sold that for £100 and bought mattresses with that money and sold them on too.”

From that small beginning, everything seemed to take off and not long after Stuart had enough stock from his original profits to open up a store, which he called Euro Domestics.

Originally from Westhoughton, Stuart who has recently moved to Hindley Green, looked for a unit in the area to show off his stock but didn’t have any luck.

He then stumbled across a unit on Westinghouse Close, on the Miry Lane Industrial Estate which was perfect for his needs.

And from there you can see just how far that tenner got him as he now has more than 100 products in the showroom, including 10 suites.

He added: “Business is going great. I really didn’t expect it to do so well so quickly to be honest - particularly during a recession.

“A lot of our business is done via our Facebook site which is set up under the company’s name, so that has been interesting.

“I think the way things have taken off shows that you can do anything by working hard and digging deep.

“Not that long ago, I had lost my job and living with my mum, paying keep and wondering what to do next. Now I’ve got my own business and it is growing every day.”

If Euro Domestics continues to grow at the pace it is doing, Stuart hopes to purchase another unit in Westhoughton as well as taking on new staff to help him in Wigan.