The Range boss flies in

Chris Dawson
Chris Dawson

A MULTI-MILLIONAIRE retail owner has paid a visit to his Wigan store in light of its successful year.

Chris Dawson, who appeared on the popular programme Peter Jones Meets… praised staff at superstore, The Range, in the town centre.

The rags-to-riches entrepreneur made the annual visit just a week after his TV debut with Dragon’s Den star, Peter Jones.

Office manager at The Range, Wigan, Laura Radcliffe, said: “It’s lovely to have him come and visit us as it shows he actually cares about his stores and his staff.

“He is very down-to-earth and stayed for a while to chat to each of us. We enjoy him coming to be honest, I have met him a few times now and I find that he’s very straight to the point but I suppose that’s how you need to be in business!”

Appearing on the BBC Two show, Mr Dawson explained what makes an entrepreneur successful. The programme has already proved to be a huge success inundating The Range press office with hundreds of responses through social media and emails. Mr Dawson said: “I thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the programme and would like to thank everyone at The Range as without you it wouldn’t be possible. And don’t forget, he who dares wins.”

The successful businessman is currently out visiting all of stores, flying to all 74 of them.

He is known to have a very hands on approach to supporting each of his stores and prides himself on knowing many of his 5,000 staff personally.

With four stores already opened this year and around another 15 stores planned for the year, Mr Dawson is on track to achieve a £1bn pound turn-over. On the hour-long programme he also spoke about his recent MFI agreement.

It has been kept a carefully guarded secret over the past four years and was finally discussed for the first time.

The self-proclaimed “Del Boy” mogul speaks of buying the entire stock of MFI with an estimated value of almost £70m for a minuscule £3m after the company went into liquidation in 2009.