Three Rs project aims to boost teen employability

YOUNG Wigan people are being offered a unique opportunity to learn new skills to gain employment thanks to a new funding programme.

Wigan Council for Voluntary Youth Services (WCVYS) has received £88,747 from the Coalfields Regeneration Trust to run a Futures Programme for young people aged between 16 and 19 in the Wigan borough.

The Futures Programme is suitable for teenagers who may not have excelled in mainstream education and who now want to work on their literacy and numeracy skills.

In addition, the course will also look at the young person’s interests and develop skills in these areas which will help when looking for work in their chosen field.

WCVYS are now looking for young people who would like to take part.

Kelly Mills from the service said: “Securing this funding from the Coalfields Regeneration Trust is an exciting development as it not only opens up some great opportunities for young people, but it makes our organisation more secure for the coming year. There is no cost to the young person to take part in this scheme, and travel and meals costs will be covered, but they have to show willing, turn up and commit to getting something out of it. I have worked on Future Programmes before in other areas of the country and these schemes are the best for getting results.

“All we ask is that young people give it their all and make the best out of this opportunity.”

The course is delivered by trained youth workers and qualified teachers at the WCVYS base in Penson Street, Swinley. It will take place from 10am until 4pm each Monday, Wednesday and Friday and each course will run for 12 to 14 weeks depending on the needs of the individuals.

Work placements can also be arranged for young people taking part.

Each course will take 12 participants and three courses will run throughout 2012. The first course will begin at the end of February.

Each day will begin with breakfast and young people will also buy, cook and eat lunch together, which teaches them about budgeting, cooking and life skills.

Young people will have access to a learning mentor and a trained counsellor if they have any issues that are holding them back from getting on in the world of work.

In addition, WCVYS also plays a key role in the development of voluntary youth groups across the borough by providing assistance with the recruitment and retention of volunteers, information on governance issues and support to access funding streams.

For more information call WCVYS on 01942 825750 or email

The Coalfields Regeneration Trust gives cash to areas decimated by the collapse of the mining industry in the 1980s.