Town benefits from EU says MEP

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CONTINUED membership of the European Union is benefitting the borough, according to a Wigan MEP.

Liberal Democrat representative Chris Davies believes his constituents are reaping the rewards from the increased trade that membership brings and praised the union’s achievements in promoting peace, democracy and human rights.

Marking 40 years since the UK joined, Mr Davies, said: “The EU remains for now the largest trading bloc in the world and I believe the UK has contributed a great deal to make it more prosperous. Membership has boosted British trade and helped create more jobs than ever before.

“Twenty-five years ago some of our closest partners were still communist dictatorships within the Soviet Union. We were fearful of the future and spending a fortune on defending ourselves from a real threat of an attack. The contrast with today could hardly be greater.

Mr Davies added that EU regulations have improved the environment and made life better for the majority.

He said: “The challenge for the future is to maintain our influence in a world with power moving towards China and many other developing countries.”