Town bucking trend on workless

WIGAN is continuing to buck the trend when it comes to the amount of workless households.

Figures released by the GMB union show that Wigan is still near the bottom of the list in terms of the amount of households without an employed person in them in the North West - 15th of 23.

Only 19 per cent of Wigan households are workless in the borough, in comparison to the North West average of 21 per cent - a 0.1 per cent decrease from the last count in August 2011.

Liverpool came out highest with 31.9 per cent of households classed as workless. However, while Wigan is fairing well when compared to most of the North West it is still just above the UK average of 18.9 per cent. The GMB say the coalition government need to act to reduce the numbers in the North West.

Paul McCarthy, GMB regional secretary, said: “There is a massive shortage of jobs as these figures show. A first step is to stop the public sector job cuts.”