Wayne offers helping hand

Wayne and Lei Xue
Wayne and Lei Xue
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A WIGAN man is helping others to build business bridges after his was almost brought to ruin.

Jewellery designer Wayne Xue, who grew up in Worsley Mesnes and moved to China in 2006, has set up a new service on his website enabling firms to cut out the middle-man when dealing with foreign factories.

This was after the 42-year-old experienced difficulties

in using interpreters with his own business.

He said: “I met up with world-class designers but on a number of occasions I showed my designs to companies and a year later found that same design had been made and was selling in shops without me knowing.

“I put it down to the cut-throat business and people soon came back to us as they realised we were the real designers.

“I understand the need to provide fantastic and desirable items at affordable prices. So my aim is to put English businesses in touch with direct manufactures across the globe. We are not a middle man. I promise to put people in touch with the right people within 24 hours which will save ccompanies time and money.”

Wayne began working at a jewellery factory and within a year, he had set up his own designing business Mikash with his wife, Lei Xue producing Murano glass beads for charm bracelets on site.

He supplied to many large Denmark-based outlets and dealt with buyers and designers across the globe.

And he has also sold his charms to Argos through the Rhona Sutton brand.

The father-of-two, who used to work in haulage in Wigan, said: “I moved to China and worked at a factory for quite a while and I ended up marrying the owner’s daughter, Lei.

“I got inspired and thought I could make crystals, earrings and bracelets and then my wife and I set up Mikash, creating products in my father-in-law’s factory – Jin Xiao Xiao.”

Now, with knowledge or more than 1,000 goods factories across the globe, the entrepreneur encourages other businesses to cut out the middle-man.

His brother, Wayne Buckle, 41, of Crooke, Standish, added: “This unique idea will help to eliminate fraud and protect ideas.

“No matter what companies want, whether it be clothing, jewellery or shoes, the website will help put people in direct contact with the factories.”

For more information visit the website at www.mikash.co.uk.