Businesses in stamp-ede

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THE rise in the cost of stamps is forcing a mad rush of bulk buying in Wigan’s post offices before the hike at the end of the month.

Since the government announced that prices would go up 14p last month, the Post Office has noticed a surge in letter writers asking for stamps in bulk in a bid to avoid paying more later on.

When the new prices come into effect from April 30, a first class stamp will go up from 46p to 60p and a second class stamp will rise from 36p to 50p.

Wigan’s post offices are no different, with one businessman saving almost £200 by buying 1,000 stamps.

John Sherburn, assistant at the post office in Asda, Robin Park, said: “We have had a lot of people coming in buying 1,000 at a time.

“We had one businessman who bought 1,000 first and second class stamps which I believe he said it saved him around £190.

“But it is like everything - we still have to pay the high price eventually.

“People will save now, but they will eventually pay later.

“We still have plenty of stamps, including books of 100, and I don’t believe we will run out.”

Chris Clarke, sales assistant at the post office in Wigan Lane, Wigan, said: “People have mainly been buying second class stamps and we have sold out, so we are having to order more than normal.

“People are buying up to 50 at a time.

“But we are not rationing them - we will try to give people what they want.”

A spokesman for Bryn sub post office, in Wigan Road, said: “People are bulk buying. They mainly ask for the books of six and 12, but we have not sold many books of 100 yet.”

Another post office assistant at Aspull Moor post office, in Scot Lane, said: “I have noticed more people coming in and everyone is buying stamps.

“But we have not had a lot of people buying in bulk. We have had the odd person who has a business, but that has been it.”

But other post offices have not noticed a difference.

One staff member at Marsh Green post office, said: “I don’t expect we will get many more people buying stamps - it is not the kind of thing our customers buy.

“They buy the odd one and that is it.”

Whelley post office had also not seen a rise in stamp buyers.

An employee added: “I would not say we have had loads of people coming in.”