Businessman bids to get route into town cleared

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News story

LITTER hurled out of car windows is blighting one of the major visitor routes into Wigan.

And a borough businessman today slammed the council for allowing the “embarrassing scene” to continue apparently unabated.

Crisp packets, McDonald burger wrappers, empty sandwich boxes, cigarette packets hang in a confetti of rubbish in the bushes and the kerbside along the bends linking Standish Lower Ground with Shevington.

Alan Bott is angry that repeated calls to the council cleansing department for a clean sweep has apparently fallen of deaf ears.

He believes the eyesore could give new comers to Wigan leaving the M6 motorway at Junction 27 an impression of an unkempt and an uncared for borough.

Mr Bott, who owns Pemberton Tyres, said that the litter menace could also represent a risk to the wild deer he regularly sees grazing nearby, along with the badgers or pheasants.

He said: “We have always sprayed weed killer and cleared the path of rubbish on our side of the road as it is a danger to our horses, as well as a real eyesore.

“But ignorant people are throwing all sorts of rubbish out of their windows as they drive past and five weeks ago, or so, we started clearing our side and completely filled our house bins up, there was so much mess.

“We reported to the council that we needed them emptying if at all possible as it was public refuse and left us no bins for home and we also suggested that we could possibly have an extra bin clearly marked up for the sole purpose of us to use for the rubbish of the bends.”

Steve Cassie, Wigan Council’s assistant director for environment, said that they would now complete their own clean up at the site on Sunday.

He said: “It has to be programmed in because it requires traffic management due to the blind bends and no footpaths. The work will be carried out early morning for minimum disruption on the weekend. It will start at approximately 6am and last a couple of hours.

“It is important that Mr Bott does not put himself at risk and should leave the operation to Wigan Council to set up a safe working site so the litter can be cleared safely.

“We appreciate his community spirit and would normally encourage his efforts and support but on this occasion it is more important that his health and safety take priority.”