Cab driver in house fire shock

Fire at Wellesley Close, Marsh Green
Fire at Wellesley Close, Marsh Green
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A WIGAN family returned from holiday to find their house had been destroyed in a blaze.

Fire ripped through an end terraced house on Wellesley Close, Marsh Green in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Police were called to the scene to investigate the fire, but they have now confirmed there are no suspicious circumstances.

It is thought the blaze began in the living room near to a sofa causing the whole of the ground floor to be completely destroyed. The rest of the property was heavily damaged by smoke and heat but no family member was home at the time.

A Wigan taxi driver who was called to Wellesley Close at 11.30pm, alerted the fire services and attempted to rescue anybody who may have been trapped.

Alan Gunnigle, of Crusader Cabs, said: “When I got into the street, I saw what I thought to be steam from a heating vent, after another look it was obvious that it was smoke.

“I got out of my taxi and immediately started shouting to see if anyone was home but got no reply.

“I then called for the fire services while I was kicking in the front door, I was told by a neighbour that the family had two children so I started to panic. Other neighbours came to help and we both got into the house but only as far as the hallway due to the heat.”

Fire crews from Wigan and Hindley arrived at the scene just before midnight and remained there until early morning on Sunday.

Two pumps from Wigan and one from Hindley attended and used one hose reel and six breathing apparatus along with a positive pressure ventilation fan to tackle the fire.

A spokesman from Wigan Fire Service said: “We received a call that people may be trapped in a house on Wellesley Close, Marsh Green, but thankfully there was nobody in the property at the time.

“Fire crews from Wigan and Hindley were there for several hours fighting the fire and investigating the cause of it but the fire was so severe, it had destroyed much of the evidence.”

A Greater Manchester Police spokesman, added: “Police had initially investigated a fire involving a property in Marsh Green. It was confirmed that the fire was not deliberate, therefore there will be no police investigation.”

The family declined to comment.