Call for minimum alcohol price

Alcohol call
Alcohol call

A TOP health chief has called for a minimum alcohol price to be brought in across the North West, including Wigan borough.

Dr Arif Rajpura - a North West director of public health - wants all the area’s councils to join together to order a lowest price of 50p-per-unit, in a bid to reduce consumption.

He said “pocket-money” prices mean more people are drinking to harmful levels.

In 2010-11, the cost of alcohol-related issues to the north-west economy was more than £3bn, according to public health body Drink Wise.

Dr Rajpura said a price increase would not affect moderate drinkers, but it would affect hard drinkers and those who are drinking cheap alcohol from supermarkets and off licences before going out into the town.

“Consumption has increased as the price has fallen. Alcohol has got cheaper and cheaper over the last two decades, so young people can purchase alcohol at pocket-money prices.”