Call for speed limit on road through estate

Oaklands Road in Lowton where resident are complaining of boy racers on the road
Oaklands Road in Lowton where resident are complaining of boy racers on the road
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RESIDENTS on a housing estate are calling for the brakes to be put on speeding motorists.

People living on Oaklands Road and Laburnham Road in Lowton say a 20mph speed limit should be brought in on their estate to prevent drivers putting their foot down while travelling near schools, parks and nurseries.

They also say their narrow estate roads are being turned into a rat run in the mornings by drivers seeking to take a short cut to avoid congestion on Newton Road.

Their campaign is being supported by the Oaklands and Meadows Residents’ Association (OMRA), the Lowton East Neighbourhood Development Forum (LENDF) and Labour councillor for Lowton ward Pam Gilligan.

OMRA committee member Malcolm Jones said: “Traffic comes up Hesketh Meadow Lane and Oaklands to get to the private school.

“A lot of the cars are large 4x4s and residents are always complaining about the traffic.

“There’s also the new playground for under eights which we have built on the field on Oaklands Road, which is being used more and more.

“I’ve also been told that during the morning rush hour people are queueing up for the traffic lights on Newton Road and so drivers are taking a short cut through Hesketh Meadow Lane and Oaklands Road to save 100 yards or so.

“We’ve been having a steady stream of complaints about the traffic now for around the last two years, and it’s mentioned at nearly every meeting.

“Other areas near schools and nurseries have 20mph speed limits and we think it would be best for our estate.”

Wigan Council policy states that every estate road in the borough will eventually have a 20mph speed limit, and notable accident hotspots or areas with significant traffic problems are having the slower limits put in first.

However, Labour councillor for Lowton East ward Pam Gilligan says the problems on the estate run much deeper than speeding and talks are under way to also curb the volume of traffic using the roads, with a residents’ meeting arranged for next month.

Coun Gilligan said: “The speed the cars come up Oaklands Road is horrendous but I’m also mindful of the bigger picture, which is that the estate is a rat run caused by congestion on the main road.

“I’ve also had meetings with Wigan Council officers and the highways department to discuss the possibility of measures such as blocking off one of the two entrances to the estate.

“The residents have my full support in their call for 20mph speed limits, but negotiations to solve the other problems on the estate are under way and the officers I have spoken to have been very supportive.”