Calls to deport evil duo

Arnold Hilton after the attack
Arnold Hilton after the attack

A BURGLING couple who left a frail Wigan pensioner for dead after a sickeningly violent raid on his home have been jailed for a total of 20 years.

Laurynas Dauksas, 25, was sent down for 11 years and Aurelisa Galdikaite, 23, was sentenced to nine following the incident on School Lane on Tuesday March 18.

The pair who are both of Bronte Close, Worsely Mesnes, appeared before Liverpool Crown Court in July where they pleaded guilty to robbery but a separate hearing was then held today over the extent of the violence used.

Police have now applied to the court to have the pair deported after they have served their sentence.

Officers were called to 89-year-old Arnold Hilton’s address by his son around 6.40am after he had arrived at his father’s home to find his house ransacked and his father collapsed and in bloodied state in the lounge.

Arnold was taken to Wigan Infirmary where he spent several weeks recovering from a head injury, shoulder injury, bruises to his body and a black eye. Det Insp Marc Nasser said: “Stuart Hilton calls in to see his father as a matter of routine en-route to work and to find his father in that state must have been devastating.

“This was a disgraceful attack on an innocent, defenceless and vulnerable man who has been left traumatized and confused by the attack.

“The level of violence used was beyond comprehension and I am disgusted and appalled that anyone could do this.

“Sadly as a result of this incident Arnold now lives in a care home and will never been able to return home. He has lost much of his independence and confidence.

“This really was an appalling crime and I pleased that Dauksas and Galdikaite are both behind bars.

“We will work with the courts to exploit every opportunity to deport foreign nationals who commit crimes of this nature and it is right and appropriate that they are not allowed to remain in the country.”