Cameron, 6, saves mum’s life

Louise Holland saved by her son Cameron
Louise Holland saved by her son Cameron
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A SIX-year-old boy is being hailed a hero after his cool head saved his mum’s life.

Cameron Holland didn’t panic when mum Louise collapsed with a fit while bathing him, striking her head and slipping into unconsciousness.

He instantly remembered all his family had taught him about her epilepsy.

With dad Gareth already on his way to work, the Marus Bridge Primary pupil leapt out of the bath and rushed downstairs to find a phone and dialled 999 for an ambulance.

He then covered his mum with a towel to keep her warm, and lay by her side to comfort her, while paramedics raced to their home in Ashby Road, Hawkley Hall.

Mrs Holland, a carer who works in Parbold, was taken to Wigan Infirmary but discharged after treatment.

She only realised the full scale of her son’s involvement in her emergency when doctors told her the full story.

Louise, 32, said: “He is my little hero. We have told him what to do if I have a fit and there is nobody else around but you never know whether he would panic and I’m not sure I would be so calm in his situation.

“I can remember being in the bathroom with Cameron and telling him that it was time to get out of the bath and then, when I came round, I was sitting on the couch with Cameron sitting next to me and then getting into the ambulance.

“I am never ever aware that I am going to be taken ill before it happens, but I know that I will be okay, even if Cameron is the only person with me when it happens, which is a great feeling.

Cameron’s grandmother Christine Gardener said today that the whole family was proud of the way Cameron had dealt with the incident.

Her daughter has battled epilepsy for the past 14 years, although she has gone up to two years between fits these days because of medication.

Mrs Gardener, of Kingsley Avenue, Goose Green, said: “Louise had got Cameron up and had popped him in the bath as part of getting him ready for school.

“But, when she leaned over to get him out, she had a fit. She banged her face on the bath and that threw her backwards and she banged her head again on the radiator, ending up flat out on the tiled floor.

“He jumped out of the bath, ran downstairs and rang 999, telling them what had happened and gave them the address.

“He went back up stairs but, although she was coming around, she was disorientated. After comforting her, he then helped to get her downstairs and onto the couch.

“They got in touch with me and I at first assumed she had suffered a fit downstairs. But then when the full story came out, it made me proud of my grandson, he is a really good kid.

“He had only seen her have a fit once before when he was about four and she can go up to two years or more between them.

“We have all told him about what it means and what to do if it happens to his mum and he carried it out to the letter.”