Campaign's bid to rehome hens

Hens appeal
Hens appeal

An animal welfare charity is coming to the borough with a campaign to re-home hundreds of hens which have been saved from slaughter.

The British Hen Welfare Trust will hold a collection in Wigan this weekend, giving residents the chance to take in a hen of their own.

The BHWT is working tirelessly to find homes for around 300 ex-battery hens which were recently saved from slaughter.

It is hoped the collection will see hundreds of hens start their free range retirement in back gardens across the borough.

However, there are still 200 hens yet to find their loving forever home and the charity is appealing to animal lovers in Lancashire to give the girls a new lease of life.

Gaynor Davies, the charity’s head of operations, said: “There is no better feeling than watching these girls flourish after they emerge from the commercial system.

“They have a full bill of health and will soon become much-loved pets, often described as cats and dogs with feathers.

“If you’ve ever considered giving some ex-bats a home my only advice would be to do it. You won’t regret it.”

The British Hen Welfare Trust is well-known for its pioneering work in re-homing commercial laying hens.

Its nationwide team of over 500 volunteers has found homes for more than 600,000 hens since hatching in 2005.

As well as finding homes for hens, the charity also educates the public on how

they can make a difference to hen welfare through their shopping basket and eating habits.

Hens need to be reserved in advance of the re-homing day and, whilst the feel good factor of saving these hens from slaughter comes free of charge, the charity asks for a donation to help cover its costs.

The event will take place on Saturday, October 28. The time and location will be given out after residents have booked their hens.

Anyone interested in giving a few “down on their cluck” hens a second chance is urged to register on their website at and then call 01884 860084.