Can tourists solve Luke riddle?

Luke Rhoden
Luke Rhoden

TWO holidaymakers could hold a vital clue to how a former Wigan Warriors rugby league player died during a stag party in Ibiza.

Family and friends of 25-year-old Luke Rhoden claim he was beaten to death in the street by police after he jumped from the first floor balcony of a hotel in San Antonio.

Dozens of horrified tourists witnessed the alleged attack during which it was claimed Luke was bludgeoned with police batons and then stamped on.

Video of the incident has already appeared on TV and social media. But an appeal has gone out to two young men from Preston to come forward with what footage they took on their mobile phones.

“Two lads from the Preston area seem to have seen everything and may possibly have more video footage,” said a spokesman for the Facebook community Justice For Luke.

“Please, if you know anyone who’s over there or been over there from Preston, ask them to come forward if they know anything.” A Brit working in Ibiza sad: “Two lads from Preston I spoke to had what happened on video.”

Luke, a former Wigan Warriors junior player, was in San Antonio with a group of friends from Wigan when he died a week ago today. Reports say he leapt from the balcony of the Ibiaz Rocks Hotel into the street and was beaten to the floor by police as he tried to run away.

Eyewitnnesses claim he suffered a “sustained beating” which only ended after two officers stamped on his head.

A Guardia Civil spokesperson said: “Our officers restrained him and put him in an ambulance, but he died before it left the area of the hotel. The autopsy will establish the cause of death and whether drink and drugs were involved.”