Cancer tot Braiden’s hearing is damaged

Braiden Prescott
Braiden Prescott

THE intensive treatment that is keeping a Wigan tot cancer-free has damaged his hearing, his family have revealed.

When Stephanie Reece and Wayne Prescott were told by doctors that their son Braiden was in remission after fighting neuroblastoma for two years, they were delighted.

But the family are now dealing with a new blow, after doctors revealed that because of high doses of chemotherapy, the four-year-old may have adversely affected his hearing.

Mum Stephanie, 22, said: “Braiden went for a routine hearing test because he has completed all treatment and we got the results straight away. Unfortunately, children who have received such high and very strong doses of chemotherapy are more than likely to end up with some form of hearing loss, as the chemotherapy damages the very sensitive nerves in the ear.

“As a result, Braiden has severe high pitched hearing loss, so he requires two hearing aids to be worn at all times.

“He is going for his fitting for them next week.

“We have tried to explain to him what he has to wear, but I don’t think he quite understands yet, but I suppose he will get used to them very quickly.

“We did get told about the possibility of him losing his hearing, along with other side-effects from the chemotherapy, but these are what you sacrifice to save your child’s life. Although I’m slightly upset Braiden needs the hearing aids, it’s just another hurdle in the steps to a healthier life and a healthier son.”

Braiden was diagnosed with neuroblastoma earlier last year. He has spent the last 18 months in and out of Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, having high doses of chemotherapy.

He is now in remission.

His parents faced further heartache last month when their one-month-old son Kody developed meningitis, but has since been given the all-clear.

The family is still fund-raising to support Neuroblastoma Children’s Cancer Alliance. To help, visit