Car and caravan in M6 embankment incident

News story
News story

A CAR and caravan left the M6 and slid down the motorway embankment.

Emergency services were called to the northbound carriageway just beyond junction 26 at the Orrell interchange at around 1pm on Monday.

Paramedics from the North West Ambulance Services (NWAS) and the North West Motorway Police found the car and caravan at the bottom of an embankment after it had left the road.

There were no serious injuries and the initial incident did not cause any disruption to traffic, although the motorway police briefly closed the inside lane so the vehicle could be recovered.

The closure did result in some congestion with cars backing up as far as junction 25 at Ashton.

Motorist Jim Gaskell, from Worsley Mesnes, said: “I just noticed a caravan off the motorway in a ditch. There were quite a lot of police and ambulance there so it did look quite bad.

“It was just after the junction at Orrell and before the golf course at Gathurst.”