Car ploughs into house

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THIS was the devastating mess after an out-of-control car smashed into the front of a Wigan home at a notorious accident blackspot.

Steven Rafferty was horrified to discover that his living room wall had caved in after a young driver ploughed his blue VW Golf into the gable end of his terraced house in Darlington Street East, Ince, in the early hours of last Friday morning,

Steven Rafferty with the damage to his front room in Darlington Street East

Steven Rafferty with the damage to his front room in Darlington Street East

Police were called, but no-one was arrested. The driver sustained only minor injuries.

Steven’s wife, Trisha, was just moments away from the house as she had gone out to take the dog for a walk.

Steven, 49, said: “I was in bed and I heard a bang. The whole house shook.

“It has completely knocked our fireplace out and the impact has destroyed our TV. We have had to turn the gas and water off.

“It is a good job it happened at 5am when no-one was in the living room, as someone could have been killed.

“My wife was out walking the dog but she was minutes away from being in the pathway of the car.

“We have children visiting us who could have been caught in the impact.”

Steven added that over the last year, there have been numerous accidents along the bend, near Bulldog Tools, in Darlington Street East.

He said: “Only a few months ago, a pregnant wom an and her partner had to be cut from their car. A couple of weeks ago someone hit a tree, another hit some fencing and further along the road someone smashed into railings and a bus stop - luckily no-one was in the way.

“I am really concerned about people’s safety.”

Last year it was reported how Steven’s niece, three-year-old Olivia Breheny, was almost crushed by a car in the same street.

Her mum, Kerry, 25, said: “We live a few doors away. Last February, a car was two seconds from hitting my little girl as it crashed in front of my house. My sister, Bernadette, has a one-year-old baby and was about to come out with her pram, so they could have been hit.

“We have informed the council but nothing has been done since. We need speed cameras or bumps before somebody gets killed. This problem seems to happen mostly when it rains - the grip on the road is so bad and people must speed through.”

Mark Tilley, assistant director of infrastructure at Wigan Council, said: “Ensuring the borough’s roads are safe is a priority for us. After the incidents occurred on Darlington Street East in 2013 we installed high visibility road signs displaying road safety messages in an attempt to influence driver behaviour.

“Unfortunately these signs can only be installed on a temporary basis. It is of concern to hear of the recent incidents and we will be carrying out a full investigation.

“This will include a review of the latest accident history to ascertain the circumstances of the incidents.

“Once this is completed we will be in a position to consider an appropriate solution that will reduce further similar incidents in this location.”