Car salesman’s slimming success

Chorley Motor Group employee Mike Hargreaves has lost nearly seven stone as part of a weight loss routine
Chorley Motor Group employee Mike Hargreaves has lost nearly seven stone as part of a weight loss routine
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A WIGAN garage salesman has knocked a third off ... but it has nothing to do with the price of cars on the forecourt!

Instead, car salesman Mike Hargreaves has lost his spare tyres by shedding a remarkable seven stones inside a year.

Mike, who works at the Chorley Nissan Group, on Pottery Lane, has dropped from 23 stones to 15 stones – and he hasn’t finished yet.

The determined 28-year-old puts his dramatic weight loss down to sheer willpower over a 12-month period - and changing his diet completely to eat healthily and at the right times.

He said: “I knew someone who had lost three stones and I thought to myself, I could do that - so I did.

“I’ve not done anything radical really, I have just tried to eat less and exercise more, which is the advice you hear from everyone.

“I now play football twice, squash once and go to the gym four or five times a week.

“My colleagues have been a great support. Some of the lads here are into keeping fit, so they have given me some good advice, which has been really helpful.

“I also play football with the MD’s son and our team have gained three promotions in the last three seasons.

“My diet is totally different now too. I eat breakfast every morning, whereas I didn’t before, I have a salad for lunch, instead of sandwiches and crisps, and for tea I will have something that is high in protein and low in carbohydrates.

“I would say that it’s all about motivation and doing the basics. If you can get through the first six weeks, you see the benefits and it drives you on.

“Once the weight starts to drop off, you get motivated to lose more and then you can just continue and you see gradual progress all the time.

“For me, I had to start small. At first, I was just going for walks. Then it would be longer walks and eventually jogs.”

Mike, who lives in Bolton, is now setting his sights on competing in the Manchester 10k next May.

He said: “That’s my next goal and nothing will stop me.

“I just need something else to keep me going. I am doing it as a challenge for myself, but I will probably find a charity to run for.

“I am doing a lot of training at the moment in the gym and I can run about 6k now, so hopefully by then I will be able to run 10k.

“This time last year I could only run 1,500m, so things have definitely changed.”