Cardboard cops help cut crime

Cardboard cut-out officers, helping to reduce shoplifting offences
Cardboard cut-out officers, helping to reduce shoplifting offences
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A 2D approach to policing has contributed to a clampdown on shoplifting.

Cardboard cut-out police officers have been on patrol at Asda on Atherleigh Way in Leigh resulting in a 75 per cent drop in offences.

The cut-outs are one aspect of a partnership between police and the store’s security team.

Officers have targeted prolific offenders in an attempt to deter them from entering the store and signs warning that shoplifting will not be tolerated have been on show.

Leader of the project, Superintendent Andrea Jones of Greater Manchester Police’s Wigan Division, said: “The figures speak for themselves. The reduction in shoplifting offences demonstrates just how successful the partnership between us and the store is.

“This sends out a clear message to shoplifters that their actions will not be tolerated and I hope it reassures the law-abiding community that we are serious about reducing crime and making Wigan a safer place to live.”

Cut-outs could be used throughout the borough as the partnership between the store and the police is part of a pilot scheme that could be rolled out across Greater Manchester.

Andrew Lawson, Investigations Manager at the store, said: “This project is a great example of how partners can work together to reduce crime.”