Cars parked on Wigan streets without permits cause upset

A furious resident is calling for action to tackle the number of cars parked without permits in designated spaces.

Friday, 16th August 2019, 1:40 pm
Updated Friday, 16th August 2019, 2:40 pm
A row of cars with penalty notices

The woman, who asked not to be named, claimed up to 10 cars at a time are regularly left in resident-only spaces in Swinley, leaving people with permits struggling to park.

The resident also says some of the vehicles are untaxed.

She believes they are part of a used car business being run from a flat.

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The issue affects Upper Dicconson Street, Dicconson Terrace and nearby roads.

She has reported the problem to the authorities several times, but is upset that it continues.

She said: “They have got six to 10 cars in and around the area at the same time.

“The parking wardens are giving them tickets every single day. They don’t pay them, they just pull them off and throw them on the floor.”

Dave Lyon, assistant director of environment at Wigan Council, said: “We have received reports of parking problems in this area and we are currently looking into the reports.

“We are also continuing to pursue the outstanding debt. If any residents have any further information they feel will help us to recoup this debt, they can contact us by emailing [email protected]

A DVLA spokesman said: “Our national wheel clamping partner NSL goes to different areas of the country every day to take action against untaxed vehicles.

“Where we receive reports of untaxed vehicles we forward them onto NSL so that they can target the vehicle when they are next in the area.

“I should also advise that DVLA takes action direct from our records, so while a vehicle may not have been clamped we may have issued late licensing penalties or out of court settlements direct to the keeper.”