Cars set ablaze by arsonists

Crime story
Crime story

AN investigation has been launched after a Wigan business was targeted in a late night arson attack.

Several cars were destroyed and more had been doused with petrol at an MOT testing centre on Bryn’s Landgate Industrial Estate in the early hours of Saturday morning.

If the oxygen canisters had gone up, it could have been a lot worse

Watch manager Gareth Gray

Crews from Wigan fire station were able to douse the flames before more vehicles were damaged with nearby oxygen canisters posting a risk of further catastrophe.

Watch manager Gareth Gray said: “We were able to get everything under control before the flames spread to any buildings, the oxygen canisters or a pile of nearby tyres, if they had gone up the situation could have been a lot worse.

“The cars had been filled with an accelerant but not all of them had been set alight, possibly because the offender was disturbed and left the scene.

“Some vehicles were completely burnt out with quite a few more suffering heat damage. We think the alarm was raised by a passer-by, we had to cut down the fence to get into the site.”

The fire crews have now passed on responsibility to Greater Manchester Police with forensic teams expected to examine the site over the weekend, Watch Manager Gray added.

If anyone has information about the incident, which occurred just after midnight on Saturday May 16, please contact Wigan Police on 101 or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.