CCTV donation for rugby club after break in

Committee member Brian Naylor at Ashton Bears' clubhouse
Committee member Brian Naylor at Ashton Bears' clubhouse

A LOCAL rugby club has been given a helping hand after vandals trashed its new club house.

Ashton Bears are now the owners of four new security cameras courtesy of Swinton Lions.

The two clubs have a strong relationship with the Wigan side producing a number of players who have moved onto the semi-pro side.

However, this week it has been Swinton’s turn to provide a helping hand.

Last weekend, yobs broke into Ashton’s clubhouse, which is currently under construction after a fire destroyed the previous one last year, and broke a security fence as well as destroying parts of the kitchen

Keen to help out, Swinton chairman John Roddy, who is also the chief executive of security group The Shield Group, has kindly donated four CCTV cameras to the club.

It’s hoped the new cameras will act as a deterrent, preventing repeat incidents.

Swinton coach John Duffy is a former Ashton player and has slammed those responsible.

He said: “It’s an absolute disgrace what has happened.

“I hope the donation from our chairman will go some way to helping Ashton.

“Ashton Bears is such a fantastic club that has done so much for the local community.

“They’ve produced a lot of players and we have two here at Swinton who are doing really well.

“It just really saddens me that such low-life is around to do this to the club when it does so much for others.”

Ashton chairman Steve Jones thanked Swinton for the cameras.

He said: “It’s a fantastic gesture. We have a great relationship with Swinton. Hopefully this will prevent any further issues.”