Cement mixer set on fire

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SUSPECTED arsonists set a cement mixer on fire in a Wigan industrial yard.

Fire crews were called by Greater Manchester Police (GMP) to L&T Stone Supplies on the Miry Lane Industrial Estate at around 2am on Sunday.

Firefighters from Wigan and Hindley found a cement mixer had been set ablaze in the yard of the premises.

The vehicle was completely destroyed in the blaze, which also spread to some perimeter fencing and took around 15 minutes to extinguish.

Firefighters and police officers then looked at CCTV footage and concluded the blaze had been started deliberately. An investigation is now likely to get under way.

Crew manager Isaac Olurankinse from Hindley fire station said: “I noticed carpet had been laid over the top of some of the gates, and we strongly suspect this is a case of deliberate ignition.

“The vehicle was locked and there was no sign it had been used the previous day.”