Centre could bring traffic woe

Artist's impression of the new distribution centre
Artist's impression of the new distribution centre

CONCERNS over traffic and congestion should temper excitement about a job-creating distribution centre in Wigan, a community group has said.

Plans for the vast Poundland site on the South Lancs Industrial Estate were unveiled last week but are subject to local authority approval.

Council bosses welcomed the proposal, heralding it as a major boost to the borough economy and creating around 800 jobs.

But the Bryn Against Development group (BAD) has urged planners to consider its impact on traffic.

A statement said: “The location on the industrial estate is situated in a poor location with no good access to the motorway.

“Traffic is either forced through Ashton town centre or can only exit to the M6 south at junction 25.

“The sheer volume of traffic in Ashton and Bryn has escalated the pollution levels of Nitrogen Dioxide, a toxic gas associated with respiratory diseases.”

The group has also warned about similar knock-on effects from a housing and retail development tabled for land in nearby Landgate in Bryn.

The council has included proposals for a relief road to allay congestion concerns but the group remains sceptical as to its impact.

The statement added: “BAD believes that these two developments will finally push our traffic to well over 100 per cent capacity.

“The council has carefully chosen the name ‘relief road’ for the proposed new bypass through the nearby proposed new development at Bryn, supposedly to relieve traffic through Bryn Cross, but we believe it will not provide any relief at all, only a bigger bottleneck just moved a mere 500 yards away to an even worse location half way up Rose 

Local authority officers will have considered traffic and congestion issues as part of the planning procedure and will report to the council’s planning committee.

Although approval is expected to be granted later this year, officers may add conditions to the application in an attempt to mitigate any issues.

The BAD statement adds: “We stand in full support of the production of employment as long as the location and scale of development is sensible.

“At least the new distribution centre is using previously developed Brownfield 

To view the details of the plans, visit http://kinnear.wigan.gov.uk/planapps/ using reference A/15/80944/MAJOR