Charity calls for more volunteers

A LOCAL childbirth charity is appealing for new members.

The Wigan and St Helens branch of the National Childbirth Trust celebrated its first anniversary this year, but to keep the charity going, needs new volunteers to donate some time.

The NCT provides new parents with information and support about childbirth, hosts several baby fairs and nearly-new sales throughout the year and invites health professionals to deal with any baby queries.

Membership secretary Christa Price, said: “We’re now one year on and our little branch, which is staffed by nine volunteers, who are all parents have achieved an awful lot.

“We have had three successful nearly-new sales, raising funds for the branch.

“We have arranged ante-natal teachers to run classes in our area – this provides initial support framework to parents to be.

“We have an active lending library and fun days out to places like Chester Zoo and Farmer Teds.

“In the next year we’re looking to run more regular events in our area, such as playgroups and coffee mornings as a chance for parents and their children to meet and share experiences.

“All of our events are for members and non-members alike.

“However, our biggest issue at the moment is that we need more volunteers, whether it’s a couple of hours a year at a big event like our NCT nearly-new sales, behind the scenes helps with a fund-raising or publicity role, or more regular help hosting a coffee morning or being involved in a playgroup.”

The NCT launched in the mid-1950s and has always supported parents campaigning for parents’ rights on issues such as present fathers, maternity and paternity pay, right to home births and avoiding unnecessary and unpleasant birth practices.

Christa added: “The NCT recognises how valuable volunteers are – they’re the reason so many NCT branches exist across the UK and can offer so many activities for parents.

“The NCT has recently launched a reduced membership fee for people who can offer 12 hours or more volunteering with branch events a year.”

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The next branch meeting will take place on November 17, at 8.15pm at St David’s Church, Eskdale Avenue, St Helens.