Charity drive to get stricken Mark home

Mark Burrows
Mark Burrows

THE family of a Wigan man who suffered severe brain injuries after a violent attack is still fund-raising to bring him home.

Mark Burrows was left in a semi-conscious state after he was struck while out on a night in Leeds in April 2012.

He has been in and out of hospital for the last two years before settling at Stocks Hall Care Home in St Helens.

But his parents, Christine and Frank, are desperate to find enough funds to adapt their Hindley home so he can live with them.

They need several thousands of pounds to build an extension to their property, which includes a rail-track for his mobility chair, a wet room, a kitchen area for his carers, a carers’ room and a lounge.

Members of 3rd Hindley Scouts, where the 35-year-old was a former member, have collected £675.15 in small change over the last year.

Christine said: “We would like to thank all the members of the group and their parents for the fabulous contributions they have made. They managed to fill a massive bin bucket with loose change and then they counted it all – which was a massive task.

“The money will be put in Mark’s fund, which is still running.

“With the first round of fund-raising we got a specially adapted wheelchair for him.

“This was thanks to a big fund-raiser at Haigh Hall, which was organised by Coun Emma McGurrin, last November.

“We are just grateful to everyone who has helped.

“Mark recently came out of Salford Royal Hospital after suffering from a major infection.

“He was in for five months and was really ill. But he is doing really well now and has been working with a speech therapist.

“We have seen a marked improvement in him in terms of health and wellbeing.

“We just want him home and so we are continuing to fund-raise to adapt out house for him,

“The care home staff are brilliant but we want to be able to look after him in our home.”

Joshua Henry Corker, 23, of White Lane, Chapeltown, was given a two-year suspended prison sentence, 270 hours of unpaid work and a six-month curfew order by a judge last December for the attack on Mark.